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Activation Lock

Removing Activation Lock From Your iPhone or iPad

Activation Lock is a new feature within iOS 7 which will lock your Apple device to your iCloud account, adding extra security to your iPhone or iPad.

You must remove Activation Lock from your iOS 7 device before you recycle it – if the recyclers cannot access your phone to test it, they will not be able to proceed with your order.

How do I remove my iCloud account from my Apple device?

To remove Activation Lock from your iCloud account is easy and can be done with the following 2 options.

Option 1 - Remove your iCloud account from the device

1. Turn your Apple device on
2. Select Settings
3. Select iCloud
4. Select Delete Account
5. Enter your Apple ID password when requested
6. Select Turn off

Please ensure you remove the Activation Lock before you wipe or restore your iPhone or iPad.

Option 2 – Remove your iCloud account without the device

1. Your device must be turned OFF*
2. Log into icloud.com using your Apple ID and password
3. Select Find My iPhone
4. Select your device from All Devices
5. Your device will appear in a pop up box
6. Select Remove from Account
7. Confirm and select Remove

Please ensure your device is switched off or ‘Remove from Account’ will not appear.

Activation Lock only applies to Apple devices which run iOS7. Not sure which version of iOS you’re running, simply go to Settings – General – About – Version.

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