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Our Guide To Selling Phones Online

The Phones4Cash Phone Recycling Comparison Website

Phones4Cash is a completely impartial and unbiased mobile phone recycling comparison site that allows you to get an instant cash quote for your mobile phone from a variety of trusted phone recycling companies.

We compare the most popular phone recyclers in the UK including Mazuma Mobile, Money For Your Phone, Bozowi, O2 Recycle and more.

There are plenty of phone buyers in the UK today and the price difference between each of the buyers can be vast, which is why you should compare them to ensure you get the most cash for your old mobile.

We believe in quality over quantity which is why we have hand-picked the best selection of partners. We regularly review and monitor recyclers and should we find that any of our featured recyclers are not providing our customers with excellent service, they will be removed from our site.

Which Mobile Phone Recycler Can I Trust?

Whilst the majority of phone recyclers will always provide a great service, some do perform better than others, so always do your research and check customer reviews.

What's important to you when you sell your phone online? Same day payment, free postage or just great service? The easiest way to review mobile phone recyclers is to visit a well trusted review site like TrustPilot.

You can visit the mobile phone recycling category and see which companies perform the best and it should come as no surprise, that Mazuma Mobile is number 1 with over 90,000 reviews!

How Do I Sell My Phone?

Before you can compare prices and see how much cash you can get for your phone when you sell it online, you need to know which model it is. Do you own an iPhone 4 16GB, or is it an iPhone 4S 32GB? The easiest way to see which mobile phone you own is to use www.imei.info

To start, all you need to know is the model of your phone and then start typing it into the ‘SEARCH’ box at the top of this page.

Why Recycle Old Mobile Phones?

There are a number of reasons why you should recycle your mobile phone and the two most popular are cash and the environment!

Mobile phones that are thrown away and not recycled normally end up in landfills, resulting in the toxins from the materials being released into the soil and that has serious knock-on effects on the environment.

By recycling your old mobile phone you are helping the environment in more ways than one, as your old mobile phone can be refurbished and sold so that it can be used again.

If it is damaged it will be stripped down and the majority of the parts can be used as spares. This recycling of old phones dramatically reduces the environmental impact.

Not only are you doing a wonderful thing for the environment, by disposing of your mobile phone responsibly, but you will also earn some cash for your old phone too.

With the typical mobile phone today earning an average of £85, not only does the environment win but your pocket does too.

Can I Sell My Broken Mobile Phone?

You can sell your old mobile phone even if it doesn’t work and there are plenty of mobile phone recyclers who want to buy your mobile phone, whether it’s old, used, broken or doesn't work.

Phone buyers will responsibly dispose of your old mobile and in many cases when you sell your broken mobile phone it will be repaired and sold on.

If a phone recycler is unable to repair or refurbish your broken mobile phone, they will strip it down and ensure that all of the handset is recycled.

Sell Your Phone Today & Get The Best Price, Guaranteed!

Whether you have just upgraded to a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5, or if you’ve been hoarding your mobile phone as spares, there’s never been a better time or easier way to turn your old mobile phones into cash.

Compare, sell and recycle your mobile phone online and get more money for your phone when you use Phones4Cash.co.uk